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We tell you why it is important to have natural light in your office in Interlomas

We need natural light to be able to be well. Our body reacts to it and that is why outdoor activity is so important, because this way we can get its benefits. In the workplace, the existence of natural light is essential for productivity and positively impacts employees. If you have an office in Interlomas, it is essential that the interior design takes advantage of it.

Although natural light is the best ally, we usually spend a lot of time indoors, such as homes and offices, and these do not always have natural light, or have very limited access to it. There are times when it is not even taken into consideration when designing an office, or choosing a space to implement it.

A Harvard Business Review study based on a survey of the most applauded and valued benefits in offices showed that natural light is one of the things that makes employees happier and more productive. Although they also appreciate the offices that give them recreational spaces, hybrid schemes and good internet, it is the light that makes all the difference in conjunction with outdoor spaces such as terraces and roof gardens where you can work.

That same study shows that a lack of natural light or outdoors can affect the employee experience because they feel tired, sad, and unmotivated. Natural light is indispensable for our well-being, however, its benefits go even further than giving us momentary happiness. It’s actually a chain.

If your office in Interlomas has good light, it is a factor that facilitates that your employees have more energy, are more creative and that their social development is more effective. It also helps them to rest better at night after being exposed to it.

Since the workforce is the best asset that companies have, it is very valuable that those in charge find the keys to better development and more general well-being.

Some of the other benefits of exposure to natural light have to do with concentration, increased short-term memory, and productivity. Other studies suggest that productivity in office buildings that have larger windows and other sources of access to natural light benefit from a 20% increase in overall productivity and a reduction in absenteeism.

Light also functions as an incentive for attracting talent. Anyone who sees illuminated offices may want to work in them.


Why does this happen? Because our body works according to circadian rhythms, that is, we are like a clock that works at regular intervals in 24-hour cycles that are often guided by light and dark. If the body is in a dark place, it tends to interpret that it is time to sleep.

How can you improve the design of your office at Interlomas?

If you want to incorporate natural light with smart design, consider the following:

  1. Put several work areas near windows or where you have noticed that natural light is optimal.
  2. Make sure spaces that don’t reach as much natural light are well lit with LED light.
  3. Preferably, that your office is in a corporate with outdoor spaces.

In Palmas Uno you can find many spaces of natural light perfect to be used, and when buying an office in Interlomas, we deliver it to you in gray work so that you can design it according to the needs of your workspace. Take advantage now!


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