An office in Interlomas

This is the future of your office in Interlomas, and also of your business

What were the offices like before this period of change that we are going through in recent years? Spaces in which people spent more than half the hours of their day, with fixed schedules, under intense supervision and a level of productivity that never reached its peak. Today, if you look around in your office at Interlomas, you will find many changes: now spaces are hybrid, productivity comes directly from well-being and retaining the best talent is vital.

Reaching this transformation was gradual, and much of it was thanks to digital advances and access to new and better information in human resources. Little by little, better tools emerged that encouraged collaboration, teamwork, integral well-being and gave a twist to the use of physical space.

Today it is no longer enough to introduce yourself every day, work, return home and maintain a tired routine that does not contribute. Luckily, we have thought of flexible, happier spaces in which creativity is encouraged. Companies no longer think of traditional spaces, but of places where a modern, sustainable work culture is reflected and concerned about the health of their employees.

When we started to conceive our office spaces in Interlomas for rent and sale, we considered all these novelties as a priority. We had to create a space that would get along with the trends of the moment (the
home office
, video calls, the cloud, and all those technologies that dispense with the physical space) without detracting from the importance of the office and face-to-face work. A place where people would like to be, where they could find an oasis to be productive when being at home becomes overwhelming or boring.

But we also know that a large space is not enough. The best leaders are clear that they must know very well the needs of their employees to create a place where they really feel productive and creative.

Offices can no longer be configured with old thinking; today they are more than just areas of equal cubicles that people are tucked into their computers all the time. Today, they are interactive spaces for collaboration, for creativity and with places to work comfortably according to what works for each one.

Employees need open spaces, and different places where they can sit and work. The idea of not having them at home all the time is that they can give themselves a break in different environments that awaken their imagination. You should also think about places where they can talk with their colleagues, as well as spaces where they can have silence and total concentration when needed.

The offices of the future must be hybrid spaces that attack different needs according to the type of work done in the company. The goal is that, in addition to that, it is a space that by its design makes them feel comfortable and not that causes them more tension. The idea of getting up every day to go to the same boring and restrictive space can kill productivity. On the other hand, knowing that you will go to a dynamic and pleasant space can produce the opposite effect.

When designing your office at Interlomas, think about all these points. Constant digital transformation does not mean the death of offices, on the contrary, it means that the offices of the future must be built with a more assertive, more flexible and more results-oriented sense. In Palmas Uno you can find the ideal space to create the office space you dream of and need to grow.

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