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The business world is moving to Huixquilucan, discover why an office in Interlomas suits you

Interlomas is both a business center and a residential and commercial area that is characterized by luxury. It is located in the municipality of Huixquilucan, in the State of Mexico, an area that has been growing thanks to the advance of its most emblematic colonies such as Bosques de las Palmas and Jardines de la Herradura. Today, having an office in Interlomas means being connected to the business world.

The location of Interlomas is privileged because it is close to Mexico City and Santa Fe; it is also connected to Naucalpan and the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense. Its shopping centers make the mobility of the area optimal and that there are many options to finish work or to close businesses in restaurants when necessary.

According to data from the Mexican municipality, Interlomas has more than 80 high-rise buildings that have been built since 2001 to date. Therefore, it is a new place, full of life and with many possibilities to continue growing. At the beginning in the decade, its growth rate was even higher than that of Santa Fe, which consolidated it as an urban center that, in addition to promising, was luxurious, exclusive and full of possibilities.

The area is also an ideal place for housing-focused real estate developments, so people are migrating there to be close to their work and vice versa. For Mexicans, Interlomas is a symbol of growth in every way: personal, family and work.

To do business, buying an office in Interlomas is a good investment because it has the ideal location, with the ease of transport and mobility routes, and also with access to important amenities, universities and hospitals.

Today, having an office in Interlomas is synonymous with good reputation. Not only because there are buildings with luxury offices that give a certain reputation and that can show the best side of the company, but because they are located in a growing place that allows to give a stable image. Trust is essential for any business and Interlomas is synonymous with solidity and security.

Given this, the opportunity to have an office in Interlomas is unique. It can make your company look reliable, established, and be among the trendsetters in the area in terms of business. It is better to have an office in a well-established, historic, luxurious and attractive place than to have it in a remote place, with few access roads, where communication and security are an issue.

In Palmas Uno we understand that for the success of a business, everything around the offices matters: that it is well located, that around there is access to shops, that there is security all the time, spaces to live together, to be productive. Therefore, our offices always seek to be luxurious, comfortable and open to the possibilities of all types of work cultures.

It’s time to grow and expand, do it at Interlomas! You can find the space you need for your company to be the one you dream of Contact us!

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